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Love your neighbourhood? Don't move, renovate!

Many homeowners renovate their existing home rather than go through the expense and hassle of selling and moving

Does your kitchen make cooking a real chore? Is your bathroom is too small? Do you need an extension to give your family more space? We are NZ Certified Builders, and can help make your dreams a reality!

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Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen is so much more than a place to prepare meals, it’s the heart of your home!

It's where the family gets together to eat a casual meal, the kids do their homework, devices get charged and it’s often the centre of the action when you’re entertaining. A well-planned, quality kitchen renovation will add design appeal and make your daily meal prep easier.

Plus, if you’re thinking of selling, a beautiful, modern kitchen will attract buyers and add value. Learn more about kitchens.

Add small ensuite bathroom with Harnett Renovations

 Bathroom Upgrades

Have a beautiful, modern bathroom that handles your morning rush!

The bathroom is often the smallest yet busiest room in the house. We can help transform your tired-looking bathroom or ensuite into a space that looks great and functions well. Planning a bathroom renovation is complex, so we recommend consulting an experienced designer. They can help you create a stylish bathroom and maximise space with a layout that meets your family’s needs and budget. Learn more about bathrooms.

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Laundry Improvements

During your renovation, don't forget about your laundry! 

The laundry is often the worst planned room of the house. Some occupy an overly generous yet under-utilised space, while others can be found in a dark corner of the garage. A quick look through Pinterest will show you just how many design options there are and leave you feeling inspired! If you don’t have a lot of room, a laundry cupboard with a stacked washer and dryer, hidden behind bi-fold doors or a sliding door, is a great alternative. Read more about laundry upgrades.